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Do you know how to choose and how to use CBD?

When you choose which brand of CBD to use, make sure you are choosing a product that is certified by the US Hemp authority and follows FDA compliance laws.  Hempworx Pure CBD therapeutic oil is third party tested with published results to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product on the market. Our 60-day empty-bottle money-back guarantee means your purchase is risk free! 


What is CBD? How do I use it? How do I choose which brand to use?

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Dosage Guidelines

CBD dosage differs from person to person. We always recommend starting LOW AND SLOW so you can gradually increase your dosage to determine your personal "sweet spot". We offer general dosing guidelines which you can follow to determine the best dosage for you - check out the photo gallery below for quick reference.


How to get the most out of CBD oil:

☝🏻FIRST - Ask yourself, 🅰️Am I using a pure, concentrated whole hemp CBD oil, like Hempworx? 

{Quality = Effectiveness}

And, 🅱️Have I been consistent?

Every morning and every evening? Under the tongue? Give your body 30-90 days of consistent use before making a final judgment. 

2️⃣Have you gradually increased your drops? It’s important to find your “sweet spot”! Don’t be afraid to experiment (and take notice) increase your drops at night, try a mid day serving. Try right after dinner, with food, or try right before bed. You won’t know what works best if you don’t try. 

FYI. If you tend to have a fast metabolism, you may need more. I take almost a full dropper of 750mg at night. Anxious people tend to do better with more. People with pain tend to do well with smaller servings more frequently through day + topically. 

3️⃣Shake well, store in a cool dim area, hydrate. 

- AND - 

REMEMBER 👉🏻A LOT of things are going on behind closed doors. The CBD is working within our endocannabinoid system, to promote homeostasis within the body, in turn benefitting is in numerous ways, not to mention preventative health and wellness for our body and brain!

It’s necessary. 


Be willing to work with it, if you want it to work with you!

🤷🏼‍♀️Still unsure?

Reach out to me and let me make some suggestions to help you get it dialed in! 

(Because once you do, it’s LIFE!!!) 😁

About Us

Who am I?


I’m a hard-working and loving mama to 2 daughters and a toy poodle. HempWorx CBD oil has improved the health of everyone in the family and has created residual income so we can make our dreams come true! 

Why did I choose HempWorx?


Becoming a HempWorx independent affiliate has changed my life for the better. 

Not only have I learned so much about the benefits of CBD oil, but I’m able to share it with friends and family while earning a supplemental income from home. 

HempWorx is an amazing organization that provides complete transparency in all aspects of business, from their 3rd party lab results to their compensation plan and training model for affiliates. I am so blessed to be a part of this company!  

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